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PROJECT TASK In 2014 the Klagenfurt based company a-tron 3D entrusted us with the task to design a suitable control system for their revolutionary 3D scanning handpiece. ;The intraoral 3D Scanner, which has been developed by a-tron 3D in record time, is the smallest and most flexible device that is currently available on the market for dental devices. The system can be easily connected via USB to any computer with the necessary software. Due to the fact that it is an ;open system, the STL-data can be processed in many CAD programs. The system works based on parallel confocal imaging and captures data without the need to apply scanning powder. The task was to develop the right control unit for this technically superior scanning system. The AADVA Cart was supposed to achieve a high level of movability and flexibility in the clinical daily routine and also to be able to be packed into a compact size for transportation. In order to fulfill those rather contradicting requirements, five different assembly variations have been developed in the concept phase of the project. One of which was picked later as the final design. During our cooperation a-tron 3D has been acquired by the Japanese GC group, which had consequences especially in the area of corporate design. Marc Ruta and Jürgen Jesenko at the International Dental-Show (IDS 2015) ; DESIGN PROCESS The ;high level of application competence ;and decisiveness distinguishes the development team of a-tron 3D from others. Only the smooth collaboration of external design team, internal developers and external production made it possible to finish the development task in record time and in time for the exhibition. The resulting ;agile developmentprocess basically dispenses with extensive presentation and documentation and leads to a direct exchange of information and ideas between the cooperating partners. This approach made it feasible to fulfill the difficult requirements for the housing components with the mechanically challenging support arm by working together and integrating the standardized components for an ideal ;complete solution. PROJECT RESULTS The innovative product with its clear and ;brand oriented design language ;has been introduced as the top innovation at the booth of GC at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne in March 2015. In order to be able to present worldwide novelties again at the next IDS, the development in different areas is already going on. ; WHAT WAS WILDDESIGNS PART IN IT? Design concept including the movability concept Technical concept with Design development up to the prototype Ergonomics of device operation and GUI Cradle with heating function brake and moving pad transportation lock on/off button and USB plug ; ; USER INTERFACE DESIGN 12345678910 The developing process for the ;Graphical User Interface (GUI) ;started very early and parallel to the product design. The application specialists, the programmers and the designers were able to interact very directly due to the enormously agile and effective procedure and could realize an extensive and complex interface in a very short time (6-8 weeks), in time for the IDS 2015 exhibition. The basis for the new design was given by the detailed outlined ;wireframes ;produced by the customer. The first step of WILDDESIGN was to come up with a series of design suggestions and improvement ideas, which could directly be used for further development. The so-called ;flat design ;met the contemporary taste and the usability requirements best. The ;highly complex range of functions ;with 3D rendering and camera imaging, surely was one of the biggest challenges, but also different screens for the selection of a tooth necessitated innovative solutions. With an Icon family, developed especially for this application, the intuitive operation and interaction with the handpiece of the 3D scanning system could be optimized even further. In the time after the IDS additional function extensions and optimizations have been done by our GUI team, so that we could keep up with the good cooperation and help our clients are familiar with.
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Stok KoduDST.1000.989*
MarkaGc Dental
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