TDV DENTAL Foto Kit Matrix + Kron ve Cila Seti

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The TDV Photo Kit is indicated for clinical procedures in dentistry, odontopediatrics, orthodontics, prosthetics, and integrated odontological clinics. 


UNIMATRIX: The use of Unimatrix dispenses the use of the conventional matrix holder since the Unimatrix fixing clamp will stabilize the matrix and hold it in the correct position. The silicone tubes, in the extremity of the rings, provides a better adaptation of the matrices. The ring must be positioned using the Unimatrix pliers or the ring holding pincers used for an absolute insulation. The sectional matrix must be positioned into the interproximal space with its clipped extremity turned towards the gingival region and adapting it a little below the gingival groove. When the restoration is finished, at first remove the ring, then the wedge, and finally the matrix. Composition: Matrices: Stainless steel. Ring: Nickel plated carbon steel. Tubes: Silicone.
MATRICES: The adaptation incorporated to the metallic ring is achieved by means of compressing the ring after inserting the transparent matrix until the sub-gingival region. The matrix should be inserted with the clipped part turned to the cervical. The extremity of the deformed ring may be bended to the side. If necessary, the matrix form may be retouched by means of a burnisher or an exploratory sounder. After the work is finished, the fixing system extremity is cut in order to extract the matrix without damaging the restoration. Composition: Fixing system: Aluminum. Matrix: Polyethylene terephthalate or stainless Steel.
WEDGES: TDV wedges are produced in various materials, do not need any clipping or adjustments and guarantee the matrix fixing, providing restorations free of sub-gingival excess and with perfect contours. Composition: Anatomic Wdges - Natural: Wood. Colored: Wood and atoxic reactive dyes. Translucid Wedges - Polyvinyl chloride.
ELASTIC WEDGES: TDV Elastic Wedges are indicated for general use in restorative procedures, with the mechanical function of adapting matrices and/or separating adjacent teeth. After installing the matrix, select the correct wedge to be used in the procedure. 1-Place the wedge in the pliers through its 2 larger holes. 2-Stretch the wedge until its central part reaches a sufficient thickness to allow its sliding between the teeth. 3-Position the wedge into the interdental gap and disjoint the pliers. 4-When the procedure is finished, pull the wedge by one of the extremities and cut it by its central part. After that, remove the resulting parts from the patient's mouth. Composition: Rubber and atoxic colorants.
SUPERFIX: The Superfix system for resin restoration finishing and polishing is compounded of sandpaper discs with a flexible support and the Versaplus mandrel. Install the Versaplus mandrel on the counter-angle. Fit the disc support on the mandrel extremity. To attain better results, use the 4 granulations, from the coarsest to the finest, in succession. The product should be used dry, with low to medium rotation and with intermittent touches. The mandrel can be autoclave-sterilized. The discs should be discarded after each patient. Composition: Disc: Aluminum oxide, polyethylene terephthalate, synthetic rubber resin, water-based pigments. Fixing system: Polyvynil chlorite.
POLIMAX: Polimax discs are made of natural wool felt impregnated with an extra-fine abrasive powder; by adding a few drops of natural water the abrasive paste becomes activated and ready for doing the final gloss to any surfaces as, composites, acrylics, amalgams, metals and dental enamel; it's a quick and clean procedure. Install the mandrel on the counter-angle. Fit the felt disc support in the mandrel extremity. Moisturize the felt disc with a few drops of natural water and apply it on the desired surface with low speed rotation, light and intermittent touches. Composition: Discs: Aluminium oxide, natural wool felt. Fixing system: Polyvinyl chlorite.
DIAMOND STRIP: Diamond Strip is a diamond-coated strip, which is excellent for slices in orthodontic works. The abrasive face (yellow mark) removes excesses of restorative materials and provides the finishing of the restoration. Composition: Stainless steel and natural diamond.
CROWNS: TDV Crowns are indicated for odontological use with photopolymerizable resins in class IV restorations and crown reconstructions, as well as with autopolymerizable acrylic resin in provisory works, optimizing the restoration quality and the working time. TDV Crowns present anatomic shapes that reduce the need for adjustments and provide works with excellent finishing. Composition:  Polyvinyl chlorite.
FINISHING AND POLISHING STRIPS: For the finishing on the approximal face of composite restorations. To use the neutral center in order to facilitate the introduction on the approximal space. To start the restoration finishing with the coarse grits (gray) successively to the fine (white). Composition: Polyester, resin and aluminum oxide.
VERSAPLUS MANDREL: Install the mandrel on the counter-angle. Fit the disc support or silicone tip on the mandrel extremity. The mandrel is responsible for fixing the disc in the counter angle and for the motion transfer. The Versaplus Mandrel is manufactured in compliance with specifications from the rule ISO 1797-1. Composition: Metal.

Warnings, precautions and restrictions

Professional use only. When there is proven allergy to any of its components, the product must not be used. To avoid an accidental swallowing of this products it’s necessary the application of a total isolation technique of the operatory field. Matrices, discs, strips, and wedges should be disposed of after each patient in order to attain better clinical performance and in compliance with the universal biosafety measures. Its reuse can cause cross contamination.  The Unimatrix ring and silicone tubes must be sterilized separately. Unimatrix Ring, silicone tubes and Versaplus Mandrel, however, must be sterilized by autoclave (126º, 147kPa, 16min). Before sterilization, proceed with the cleaning using water and enzymatic detergent.


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