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      Renfert Vario Basic
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      Vario basic 220-240 V - The all-round sandblaster

      Function & Performance
      The compact combination of recycling sandblaster and microblaster. A cost-effective, multifunctional solution for all relevant sandblasting work in the dental laboratory.


      • Can be upgraded with 1 to 4 microblasting tanks.
      • 50% less abrasive consumption due to intelligent extraction system (only unusable fine dust is removed).
      • PerfectView: Innovative LED Technology for best contour and detail recognition.


      The microblaster tanks (optional) 
      hold approx. 1,000 ml abrasives. They can be very easily extended without tools in a few steps via a quick-coupling and color-coded system.

      The sand silo
      A removable large particle separator prevents contamination of the abrasive. The large, funnel-shaped silo ensures permanent sand supply. The unit can be emptied via an opening in the silo floor.

      Can be used as a wall-mounted or bench unit
      Optional, the Vario basic (with only two blasting tanks) can be easily fixed in position using an easy to assemble wall mounting.


      • Individually adjustable recycling nozzle with the integrated Venturi principle and efficient sandblasting.
      • Highly resistant coated glass panel.
      • Replaceable, washable cuffs.
      • Powder-coated metal housing.
      • Internal tank selection switch for each microblaster tank, recycling sandblast operation or choice of an external compressed air unit.
      • IT-Handpiece with exchangeable nozzles.
      • Filter control with manual water separator for cleaning the supplied compressed air.
      • Highly resistant boron carbide nozzle optionally available.
      • Inlet opening and connection for a compressed air driven unit (e.g. deflasking chisel).


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