DEXIS Platinum RVG Sensor

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Anatomy of the DEXIS Platinum Sensor TrueComfort™ Design
(1) ;Beveled corners, a smooth, rounded casing and the small, angled dome maximizes patient comfort and makes precise placement easy. The patented WiseAngle™ Cable Exit (shown above) helps patients better tolerate the procedure and provides cable flexibility to reduce stress and increase reliability. PureImage™ Technology Through advanced hardware and software technologies, the DEXIS Platinum Sensor delivers highly detailed, extremely clear, clinically meaningful images. A premium quality Caesium Iodide scintillator ;
(2) ;converts the X-ray beam into visible light and guides it through micro-columnar structures. The light is then transmitted precisely to the sensor surface by Fiber optics
(3). This efficient design allows a high signal-to-noise ratio resulting in clean images with virtually no visual noise. The high resolution CMOS sensor ;
(4) ;features an exclusive architecture that maximizes active area at the pixel level to bring out the smallest details in the X-ray image. A 14-bit analog-to-digital converter generates 16,000 shades of gray to allow subtle variations in densities to be seen. Integrated Electronics A smart design places all the electronics on the sensor’s back ;
(5) ;to maximize the active imaging area. The on-board electronics provide the USB functionality allowing direct connection to the computer. ScatterGuard™ A protective shield ;
(6) ;affixed to the interior wall of the rear housing protects the patient by preventing X-ray back scattering. Why Digital? Practice Benefits Environmentally friendly No more film, chemicals, or disposal fees Instant images allow significant time savings Increased productivity More chairside time Increased treatment plan acceptance Affordable technology Rapid return on investment Patient Benefits Less waiting time Shorter appointments More comfortable procedure Reduced exposure to radiation Involved in co-diagnosis Better understanding of treatment ; Why DEXIS? System Benefits Sensor and software are highly awarded One size fits all, single-sensor concept High performance CMOS technology Ergonomic design for patient comfort and positioning accuracy Easy to learn, simple to use Clinically meaningful images Case presentation on an iPad Customize DEXIS with software modules Integrates with all major practice managment programs Affordable network solution, both private practice and enterprise environments Tailored solutions for General Dentists and specialties including ; Endodontics, Implantology, Periodontology, and Forensics Includes one on-site training session Includes one year of DEXcare™ ; ; ;
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