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      COXO Helen+ Led Polimerizasyon + Dezenfeksyon Cihazı
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      DB686 HELEN+

      LED curing light & Light activated disinfection

      DB686 HELEN+system utilises Photo-Activated Disinfection to eliminate bacteria in the treatment of root canals, periodontal disease, peri-implantitis and caries by eliminating all species of oral bacteria on demand.

      DB686 HELEN+represents a genuine advance in minimal invasive dental treatment. It provides consistent, fast,effective and simple disinfection, with no side effects.

      For the practitioner there are four important benefits to usingDB686 HELEN+:

      -Saving time – reduced treatment and single visit treatment possible;

      -Saving supporting tissue in periodontal disease without antibiotics;

      -Saving expensive implants by total disinfection of the implant site prior to placement and also of theimplant and surrounding tissue in case of infection;

      -Saving hard tissue with minimally invasive procedures and encouraging the process of natural remineralisation;

      Unique benefits to the general dentist:

      -DB686 HELEN+ kills all bacteria associated with all types of oral lesions
      -DB686 HELEN+ saves time and enables endo treatment in a single visit
      -DB686 HELEN+ works only at the infection site, reducing the need for other local and systemic antimicrobials
      -DB686 HELEN+ compliments minimally invasive treatment as a simple, adjunct to your usual restorative procedure
      -DB686 HELEN+improves and speeds up the healing process
      -DB686 HELEN+ is painless and welcomed by patients especially children
      -DB686 HELEN+ is safe, with no known side-effects












      Application in Periodontal Therapy


      1 Thoroughly debride thesite [SRP] using preferredtechnique

      2 Following control of thebleeding from instrumentation,insert the photosensitisersolution into the pocketensuring that it penetrates tothe base of the pocket. Retainthe solution in the pocket for60 seconds.

      3 Attach perio tip to the lightguide of the 686HELEN+handpiece. Insert the periotip so that it is in contactwith the bottom of thepocket. Then activatethe light for 60 seconds.
      4 Review status after fourweeks. The process maybe repeated if necessary.


      Application in Peri-implantitis

      Peri-implantitis compromises the integrity ofdental implants. The bacterial load can bereduced with the DB 686 HELEN+technique suchthat normal healing may occur and help securethe stability of the implant.

      1 Mechanically clean the implantbody. Apply Aseptim solutionliberally around (1) andthroughout (2) the implant.
      Leave for 60 seconds andactivate the Aseptim light for120 seconds.

      2If necessary, augmentationcan be done during the samesession. Aseptim Plus may beused prior to implant placementto disinfect the prepared site.

      Application in Caries Treatment

      1Isolate from saliva with cotton woolrolls and high speed aspiration orrubber dam. Remove onlysufficient enamel to access thecarious lesion.
      2 With excavator or slow runningdental handpiece and round bur,remove only infected tissue. Stopimmediately when resistance is felt.

      3 Apply Aseptim solution to the wholelesion with brush. Work into surface ofinfected tissue and cover the wholecavity. Continue for 60 seconds.

      4 Place DB686 HELEN+ handpiece tipover the site of the lesion and holdjust above the cusps on the occlusalsurface of the tooth.
      5 Activate red light for 60 seconds andhold the tip centred on the lesion. Lightpenetrates through the surroundingtissue to activate the Aseptim solutionand disinfects the remaining lesion. Iftwo interproximal surfaces are involved,disinfect each surface separately.
      6 After disinfection, either; a) fill cavityimmediately with suitable restorativeor b) before final filling, treat remaining
      softened tissue with remineralisingagent. Note: glass ionomers areparticularly appropriate to seal andassist in remineralisation of deepcavities.

      DB-686HELEN+Muti-function:LED curing light & light activated disinfection

      two light source

      Automatically identify the blue and red light.
      1.charger working voltage:AC100-240V,50/60HZ

      2.Curing light wavelength:420-480mw/cm2
      3.light cativated disinfection:


      working time:60s,120s





      Işık Gücü : Max 1200 Mw Güç
      Diğer Özellikler
      Stok KoduDB-686H+-4444Y
      Stok DurumuVar




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