AMERICAN ORTHODONTICS Blue Ray 3 Microflash Led Curing Light

Blue Ray 3 Features ;| ;Downloads Power 3000 mW/cm2 ;of curing power. No other light comes close. Customizable, Convenient Alert Cues Choose from four alert cues: audible beep, visual microflash, both beep and microflash, or neither. Microflash provides a visual cue in busy offices where an audible beep might be missed. Customizable, Ortho Friendly Timing Modes 32B3 second mode for high speed curing or 52B5 second mode for extra bonding insurance. Timing options allow one-button curing of a few brackets or an entire arch. Size Blue Ray 3&#39s 6.7 ounce, pen-style design balances perfectly in the hand. Easy to handle and easy to move between chairs. Narrow tip of light guide is sized specifically for orthodontics to allow clear vision even when bonding posterior brackets. Hygiene The sealed case has no fan to recycle unhygienic exhaust. Exclusive, patented heat dissipation methods prevent over-heating and protect circuitry. The light guide is autoclaveable and the body may be cleaned with disinfectant wipes. Cordless Convenience One charge gives 45 minutes of continuous light, enough to cordlessly bond 12 - 15 patients. The lithium ion battery allows you to store the light on its charging base between patients, keeping the battery fully charged with no memory effect common to other battery types. LED Technology Never buy another expensive, unreliable bulb again. LED lights don&#39t have bulbs and don&#39t lose power over time like halogen lights. Safety The high intensity LED beam emits no UV wavelengths, making it safe for patients and staff. Service Blue Ray 3 comes with a limited two year hand piece warranty, a one year battery warranty, and the best service available. Additional Images Other Products Eagle No Drift Eagle Bond curable adhesives provide high bond strength. Master Series Master Series is the versatile, metal twin bracket system that orthodontists use around the world. LP Tubes Low profile buccal tubes are reduced in size by 2525 over standard sized tubes. ; Product Features PrevNext 123 Downloads Catalog Pages Doctor Brochure ;(PDF 27.3M) Manual ;(PDF 319K) Quick Start Guide ;(PDF 78K) Cleaning Instructions ;(PDF 586K) Warranty ;(PDF 422K)
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Stok KoduDST.SHO10*
MarkaAmerikan Orthodontics
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